Dr. Heide Meier


Dr. Meier decided she wanted to become a veterinarian when she was in the first grade. Dr. Meier has always loved animals and felt called to pursue this profession.

Dr. Meier grew up in Palatine, Illinois. She began her veterinary career at the age of 15, when she signed up as a kennel worker at a local animal hospital. A year later, she became a veterinary assistant at another clinic where she continued to work throughout her high school and college years. She attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to moving to Wisconsin in 2004, she worked in small animal practices in Minnesota, Illinois, and Oklahoma and was an associate professor at Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Meier’s professional interests include exotic pet care, internal medicine, dentistry, mentoring, and hospital administration. Her goal is to make the veterinary experience better for pets and people.

Dr. Meier lives with her husband and teenage son, their 3 dogs (Tank – English Labrador, Elvis – Miniature Schnauzer, and Moose – Bullmastiff), and 2 Congo African Grey parrots (BooBoo and Cookie). Dr. Meier’s husband is a veterinary pathologist.

Outside of work, Dr. Meier enjoys spending time with her family and pets, reveling in the beauty of the Northwoods, and reading the Bible.