Boarding Staff

Meet our professional, caring staff.


Jennifer, Resort Manager

Jennifer has been working at Pineview since May of 2014. Jennifer is the Manager as well as a daycare caretaker and a kennel attendant. She loves being able to meet a high volume of dogs and getting to know each of them very well. Working in the kennels and daycare as the Manager allows her to spend lots of one on one time with the animals and take extra steps to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable when they stay with us. Her favorite part of the job is watching the puppies grow into dogs and seeing their personalities develop

Hannah, Daycare Manager

Hannah joined Pineview in September 2015.  Since then she has worked hard starting in Reception and moving to Daycare Manger.  He favorite part of Pineview is getting to know all of the dogs and their personalities.  "I can't wait to see what the future holds for me at Pineview,"  says Hannah.  Hannah has 5 cats; Tubby, Harper, Herbert, Bradley, and Trudy.  


Bevin, Receptionist

Bevin has worked at Pineview Pet Resort since 2012.  She started as a kennel attendant and became a receptionist when the new facility opened in 2014. She enjoys working with the clients and interacting with the animals each day.  Bevin has a cat Burt, and a Basset Hound name Chester, which you may see behind the front desk once in awhile!

Chelsea, Kennel Suppervisor

Chelsea has been working at Pineview since October of 2013. Chelsea is trained in all areas of the Resort, but spends most of her time as a kennel supervisor, daycare caretaker, boarding set up. Her favorite part of the job is meeting all of the dogs that come to stay with us. She loves interacting with the dogs and they always have a way of brightening her day. She has a 13 yr old Rat Terrier named Rambo at home. 


Brian g joined Pineview in February of 2017 and works the morning shift in the Daycare; supervising and playing with the dogs.  He enjoys coming into work every day and spending time with the dogs.  


Heather is attending MATC to complete a degree in Animal Science.  She joined Pineview in Summer of 2016 for the morning shift in Daycare.  "I have grown up on a farm and always have had dogs in my family.  I do not have a dog yet, but I'm waiting to settle down in Madison and give a dog a forever home." says Heather.  She enjoys spending time with the dogs and to learn their personality, and which correcting methods work for each individual dog.  


Adora has been working as a kennel attendant since August 2014. She currently does not have any pets of her own but treats the many visitors at Pineview as if they were family. As a college student aspiring to attend veterinary school, she has no free time but doesn't mind as long as she can see her puppy pals! There are many things she loves about working at Pineview, but above all, she loves seeing all the new and familiar furry faces.

Cassandra (Cassie)

Cassie is currently a junior at Waunakee High School. Cassie has been working at Pineview since March of 2014. In her spare time, Cassie enjoys going hunting with her father and grandpa and hanging out with friends. She has two cats at home that she cares for. Her favorite part about working at Pineview is being able to play with the animals outside. Since she loves animals, she has been considering becoming a Veterinary Technician in the future.


Dana started working at Pineview in August of 2014. Dana has always had an immense love for animals. She has a cat named Sally and a Husky named Shasta. When she has free time, she enjoys drawing, painting and spending time with her dog. Dana's favorite thing about working at Pineview is getting to know each and every dog and all of their unique personalities. In the future, Dana would love to open her own kennel where she would raise and show Siberian Huskies, along with competing in dog sledding competitions.


Gabby began working at Pineview in January of 2015. At home, she has an energetic 2 year old Teddy Bear named Sherlock who she loves to spoil! When she is not working, Gabby enjoys reading and cuddling on the couch with Sherlock while watching Disney movies. Her favorite part about working at Pineview is how rewarding her work is. For her, nothing is better than seeing the happy faces and wagging tails of all of the boarding pets! In the future, Gabby plans to study marine conservation at a four year university. She also intends to fill her home with as many rescue pets as she can handle!


Lexa has been working at Pineview since March of 2014. She has two Labrador retrievers at home who she spends a lot of time with and loves very much. When Lexa is not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching sports, attending concerts, and going to sporting events. Her favorite part about working at Pineview is getting to see all the different breeds of dogs that come in. She has become attached to many dogs at Pineview! Lexa plans to work in the medical field in the future, with either animals or humans.


Emma has worked at Pineview since June 2015. Emma works as a kennel attendant and a daycare caretaker.  Her favorite part about working at Pineview is getting to meet all of the dogs and playing with them! She loves getting to see all of the different breeds of dogs that board with us at Pineview.


Megan has been working at Pineview since August of 2016. Megan works as a kennel attendant and a daycare caretaker. She also has a very stressful full time job outside of Pineview and loves the stress relief that working at Pineview offers her! She has never had this much fun at a job and loves meeting so many great dogs. Having two jobs doesn't create much free time for her, but we she has free time she enjoys spending time with her Old English Bulldog named Tank, camping, hiking, kayaking, and cooking with her husband, Jim.